The topic selection is one of the biggest problems of a bachelor thesis. If the chosen topic is too broad, then it is no wonder to get stuck and find no further starting points. Lack of technical literature can certainly be the reason why the topic was not met correctly in the bachelor thesis. It is not all about which areas we are personally interested in, because several factors should be taken into account when choosing a topic. These include, for example, your own experiences, recommendations from our lecturers, as well as whether the desired topic can be created at all in the context of bachelor thesis. It is necessary that you yourself have the most important basics to be able to really work on the chosen topic properly.

Those who are still stuck with their choice of topic can of course be inspired on the Internet with special topic suggestions from large companies.

How to tackle the necessary research?

If the final topic for the bachelor thesis is fixed, then it goes to the main work. In the literature search, a distinction is made primarily between the primary literature and the secondary literature. Essential for the bachelor thesis are collections of sources, which refer to the actual topic, technical essays and original citations. Sufficient supply sources are available for this:

  • libraries
  • Bookstores
  • Journals
  • Databases on the Internet
  • Online libraries and catalogs
  • Scientific special search engines

It is not necessarily advisable to concentrate on books for the literature research for the bachelor thesis. Current research results in many disciplines are obtained from specialist journals, which are faster and easier to read in comparison. Those looking for information on the Internet should not only vary the search terms, but narrow them down to find detailed information. Furthermore, it can also be helpful to search English-language literature in order to access completely different and new sources that are not frequently used. However, it is important that you pay attention to a good order right from the start.