The bachelor thesis should be devoted as much time as possible so as not to be exposed to great stress at the last minute. It is associated with a great deal of time. The approved processing time is between two and four months. The academic examination office also determines the number of pages of the bachelor thesis, and in some cases even the number of words contained. The average size is 30 to 40 pages. How much time you devote to the bachelor thesis depends on everyone, but you really have to take care of it in good time.

The time management of the bachelor thesis should be divided into milestones, so that the individual steps can be well organized from time to time. For each phase, a time buffer must be included, so that the set schedule is not in default, because, for example, needed books for the literature searches are borrowed or because the supervisor was just on a particular day was not found!

  • Topic finding – The topic selection and the planning should be done in one to two weeks at the latest.
  • Preparation – This phase may take up to four weeks as it includes the research as well as any other necessary preparation to get material.
  • Structuring – This is about structuring your own thoughts and arranging the literature. This should be done in a week.
  • Writing phase – The better the structuring, the faster you can already work on the raw version. Forty pages, for example, can easily be written in two to three weeks.
  • Revision – The revision is the final version of the bachelor thesis. As a rule, one week is enough to revise.
  • Correction and conclusion – Incidentally, not only the correction to spelling mistakes or grammatical errors counts for the last phase, but also the plagiarism check.

Where and how can you do a plagiarism check?

There are online plagiarism checks or you can contact a professional agency that does the same thing as an editorial. While this may involve costs, you can be sure that this is a professional work that we can naturally benefit from in our thesis. Incidentally, it is not necessarily advisable to correct the bachelor thesis yourself.

What are the most common mistakes in a bachelor thesis?

The most common mistakes include incorrect time management, disregard for the specification of the desired form, and the use of too many sources of literature over the Internet. It is essential that the literature consists of printed books, as Wikipedia is not citable, for example. Otherwise, you should definitely pay attention to current sources.