The bachelor is the most common academic degree in the world, and usually includes 6 semesters. In the bachelor program, apart from the main subject areas, it is about learning professional and methodical skills. At the end of the study, the bachelor thesis is written, which influences the final grade by up to 10-20 percent. With this thesis, the students should demonstrate their ability to handle a problem in their field independently and purposefully using scientific methods. As a rule, the page number of a bachelor thesis is 20-60 pages and the processing time is 2-4 months. For the writing of the bachelor thesis certain formal and content guidelines are given (This guideline of the university Chemnitz offers a good overview:

Of course, the bachelor thesis must be properly structured and logically structured, and follow a coherent argument. The precise formulation of the question at the beginning, as well as its apt handling and concentration on the essential topic also play a role here. Of course, the results of the work are crucial. It is not expected to generate their own groundbreaking research results, but to show that they answer the research question precisely. Therefore, the objective of the scientific work, the knowledge gained and its methodological evaluation must be accurately represented.

The specific requirements of a Bachelor thesis also include the following additional services:

  • Creating an exposé (about 5-10 pages), in which the student comments on the question, hypotheses, current state of research and planned procedure.
  • One or two presentations of the bachelor thesis in the colloquium and independent preparation of the presentation
  • Of course, the external form is also included in the evaluation of this scientific work: a clean presentation, no spelling mistakes and adequate specialist terminology are expected of the students. To make sure you meet all these criteria, it pays off to invest in a ghostwriter for the bachelor’s degree. With us you are guaranteed to find the best prices!

When will the bachelor thesis be written?

The Bachelor thesis can only be written if there are sufficient credit points. Before registering with the examination office, however, the topic must first be chosen and a suitable supervisor must be sought. For each semester, there are usually fixed dates for the registration. Here, the date of submission of the thesis will be announced. In special cases, such as illness, an extension of the processing time can be requested, although a medical certificate must be submitted.

How is the bachelor thesis structured and what are the requirements for the content?

As far as the formal requirements for the bachelor theses are concerned, they may differ depending on the educational institute. In principle, however, the bachelor thesis is structured as follows:

Title page:

  • Specification of the University of Applied Sciences or University
  • The subject and the degree program
  • The selected topic of the bachelor thesis
  • Name of the supervisor or appraiser
  • date
  • Student number and name of the student
  • Contents
  • contents
  • introduction
  • Main part with the respective analyzes
  • summary

The main part of the bachelor thesis should be about 80 percent dedicated, since these are the most important disputes. The procedure is explained step by step and the subject is analyzed in detail.  It is obvious that the analyzes should be based on the literature used.

Bibliography and sources

The directory is created alphabetically by text type. It is very important that every source of literature used is represented in a consistent way. The bibliography does not only include the names of the authors and selected works, but also the number of pages, the publisher and the date of publication. Incidentally, not only primary literature plays an important role here, but also the secondary literature, collectors’ books, dictionaries and university works.


In the appendix the tables and graphics used for the Bachelor thesis are inserted, which are not directly related to the main part. Extensive derivations are included in this section of the thesis, as they would otherwise only distract the main part in terms of the reading flow.

Statutory declaration

The affidavit comes to the end on a printed separate page, which must be signed. It assures that the Bachelor Thesis was written independently, taking into account the sources of literature used. Incidentally, this explanation must be firmly integrated.

Otherwise, the bachelor thesis must adhere to the given formatting and be firmly bound. As a rule, a double copy is required for delivery!

Tips to structure the Bachelor thesis better and faster

Already during the literature search one should take care of a good organization right from the beginning, since this is a great expenditure of time and one often does not know afterwards, from which sources the required literature originates. There are good computer programs with which the bibliography can be easily and, above all, clearly arranged. Incidentally, style sheets can also be very useful so you can make important changes faster while writing or correcting your bachelor thesis.

In any case, sufficient time must be planned for the bachelor thesis and unforeseen events must also be taken into account in order to avoid time pressure. Time Management should therefore not only include the literature search and the actual paperwork, but also the consultation with the supervisor, the formatting of the work and of course the correction phase. Of course, with regard to the supervisor, it must be ensured that he is really available regularly at certain times.